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A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

I love a great party, but I also know it's important to get down to business sometimes. 


My love for planning started with hosting a Halloween party in 8th grade. In a scrapbook made by my mother, you’ll find my first business proposal where I successfully convinced my parents that I was mature enough to throw the coolest 8th grade Halloween party. This was the start of a yearly Halloween tradition that brings so many of my close friends and family from all over the state and country together. 25 years later, that tradition not only still lives, it thrives.

 Combined with 10+ years of professional experience working as an administrator, I’ve learned that the devil is truly in the details. My days organizing large corporate events and schedules for executives molded me into a perfectionist. I take so much pride in my work and nothing makes me happier than seeing it all come together and seeing that everyone is having a good time.  


Let me help you gather with a purpose.

Lauren Powell


IAPO Event Planner
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